Hated GG Allin & the Murder Junkies

Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies 1993 Documentary/Rockumentary 1h 30m What to say about Jesus Christ Allin? And yes, that was the name he was born with. Well, the fact that I consider a documentary about him a horror film says a lot already. But what is horror? According to the definition, it’s “anContinue reading “Hated GG Allin & the Murder Junkies”

Mucho Mucho Amor- The Legend of Walter Mercado

Mucho Mucho Amor – The Legend of Walter Mercado Netflix 2020 Documentary 1h 36m First of all, what a thrill to get to see Walter again. I admit it, he holds a special place in my heart. This documentary goes behind the scenes of his final years, so it is gentle in its approach, andContinue reading “Mucho Mucho Amor- The Legend of Walter Mercado”