Mucho Mucho Amor- The Legend of Walter Mercado

Mucho Mucho Amor – The Legend of Walter Mercado

  • Netflix
  • 2020 Documentary 1h 36m

First of all, what a thrill to get to see Walter again. I admit it, he holds a special place in my heart. This documentary goes behind the scenes of his final years, so it is gentle in its approach, and perhaps a bit more deferential than most of these types of films. It works though, because the effect gives it a Grey Gardens vibe that fits Walter’s lifestyle perfectly. It was fascinating to get to see him in his home with his faithful assistant,, surrounded by Walter paintings and books and jewelry and all those capes! I wish the filmmakers had dug deeper into his wild mysticism and philosophy, like how he’d been a follower of Osho, his dancing/acting background, and just a bit more focus on his younger years. But other than that, what a treat!  Walter was such a positive force. I wish him well, wherever he is now.

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