The Godfather, and The Godfather Part 2

The Godfather 1972 Drama/Crime 2hr 58 min The Godfather Part 2 1974 Drama/Crime 3hr 22 min Hey Happy New Year!  Let’s get it going by reviewing the best movie combo of all time.  Oh, no pressure or anything… The Godfather and The Godfather Part 2.  Just hearing the opening chords of the theme song givesContinue reading “The Godfather, and The Godfather Part 2”

The Cyborg Tinkerer

The Cyborg Tinkerer 2020 Meg LaTorre iWriterly LLC Romance/Steampunk/Sci-Fi/Space Opera/ LGBTQ+ Lit When I first started writing my novel in earnest a few months ago, I looked up writing stuff on YouTube and found Meg LaTorre.  Back then she was still working on publishing her first novel and making videos about it in real time. Continue reading “The Cyborg Tinkerer”