I Am A Killer

I Am A Killer

  • 2018 Crime Documentary
  • 2 seasons

I went into this expecting the usual crime type series.  If you’re a fellow morbid little soul like me, you expect to breeze through it like you would Law and Order.  OH but this is NOT one of those types of shows AT ALL.  I’ve actually stopped at episode 4 (Sympathy for the Devil) which, if it wasn’t so damned horrifying, I would say is a truly brilliant short documentary in and of itself.  It is the best by far of the four I’ve seen, but at times I almost turned it off because the honesty there (both said and unsaid) is absolutely brutal. This is not a light show.  But it does unflinchingly show the failures of our justice system, and really the failures of our humanity.

Published by Vanessa Sprankle

I'm a lifelong writer and reader who finally got up the nerve to start my first novel. Wish me luck! In the meantime, I like to share my views on all things cheesy, creepy, deep, and/or ridiculous. Like me.

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