• 2017 Horror/Drama
  • Netflix

This movie is a nice, old school type scary yarn. I love that its focus is on a young girl yet there’s no nudity or smutty friends or the usual.  I have nothing against that sort of thing but it’s all so needlessly (and often rudely) used in horror that its refreshing not to have it for a change.

Also refreshing was that there were 3 super little child actors in it that were AMAZING!!! Look. I’m NOT a fan of child actors AT all.  But when they work, they really do add something to a film.  These little kids end up being the heart of the story.

But back to Veronica.  On the whole I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect movie.  It can get slow and repetitive, and there’s not quite enough payback.  But there is SO much to like in it, and if this is the direction horror is going I’m impressed.  It reminded me a little of Donnie Darko, and of all those old Carlos Enrique Taboada scary movies, especially “Poison for the Fairies”.

Published by Vanessa Sprankle

I'm a lifelong writer and reader who finally got up the nerve to start my first novel. Wish me luck! In the meantime, I like to share my views on all things cheesy, creepy, deep, and/or ridiculous. Like me.

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