A Simple Favor

A Simple Favor

  • 2018 Mystery/Comedy
  • 1hr 59 min

I was in the mood for a basic suspense-ish type movie, and I’d been eyeing this one for a while because I like Blake when she’s all bitchy rich blond (I guess that’s all she ever plays really, but good for her since she rocks that sort of vibe). Anyway, I was rather pleasantly surprised with this one. I mean yeah, it has the whole suspense murdery thing, but it’s also funny. And bitchy.  YAY!!! I love camp, and this is campy as hell. Oh and they kept playing Serge Gainsbourg songs and other delicious frenchy tunes in the background. What a fun movie.  Who would have thought.

Published by Vanessa Sprankle

I'm a lifelong writer and reader who finally got up the nerve to start my first novel. Wish me luck! In the meantime, I like to share my views on all things cheesy, creepy, deep, and/or ridiculous. Like me.

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