The Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth

  • 2015 comedy sitcom
  • Fox (4 seasons)

Art has a weird way of showing up when you need to see it.  And yes, I think The Last Man on Earth is art.  The best kind actually!!! The comedy is sophomoric, the lead character is supposed to be annoying but does such a good job at it you really do get annoyed, the tone is off because it goes from fart jokes to sort of deep contemplations on what it means to be human, to be a part of society… OH, I can go on.  I’m pretty sure this show is not for everybody.  But if you can handle… well, picture throwing Walking Dead/Lost/Gilligan’s Island/ Twilight Zone/The Good Place  in a blender… Then what the hell? Let’s throw in some MacGruber… Best I can describe it.  If that’s not art I don’t know what is lol.

The Last Man on Earth is hilarious. It’s also ruthless. And sweet. And… romantic.  I hate to admit this, but it often made me cry.  Usually, I was crying because I was laughing (I could watch Tandy and Mike sing that stupid song from Once all day) but not always.  The show went to some dark, lonely places.  It’s a lonely show.  But it’s FUNNY.  I loved it.

Veneno Para Las Hadas

Veneno Para Las Hadas (Poison for the Fairies)

  • 1984 Horror/Fantasy
  • 1hr 30 min

It’s weird to try to say anything impartial about this movie, because I grew up with it in more ways than one (Ana Patricia Rojo and I are the same age and a lot of my generation grew up watching this chick chew up the scenery deliciously in every telenovela in the ’90’s). Luckily, I don’t have to.  This movie is a true horror classic.  The super slow pace and old cartoon type classical music  soundtrack put you in this weird Sunday afternoon matinee type vibe.  Ah look, it’s a sweet little girl Heidi type film!

Oooh but it’s SO not.  If you’re patient, this movie will blow you away.  Taboada was a true genius, and the theme, the way it was shot, THAT ENDING… Needless to say, this is one of my all time favorite horror movies.  I love the definite little girl perspective it gives.  I almost wonder if it was an inspiration for Heavenly Creatures.  It would make a great double feature with it.  They are both perfect odes to a certain kind of dark little girl we have all either been or admired at some point 🖤

A Simple Favor

A Simple Favor

  • 2018 Mystery/Comedy
  • 1hr 59 min

I was in the mood for a basic suspense-ish type movie, and I’d been eyeing this one for a while because I like Blake when she’s all bitchy rich blond (I guess that’s all she ever plays really, but good for her since she rocks that sort of vibe). Anyway, I was rather pleasantly surprised with this one. I mean yeah, it has the whole suspense murdery thing, but it’s also funny. And bitchy.  YAY!!! I love camp, and this is campy as hell. Oh and they kept playing Serge Gainsbourg songs and other delicious frenchy tunes in the background. What a fun movie.  Who would have thought.



  • 2019 Horror
  • Netflix (1 season)

So let me just say I’m a sucker for horror movies with witches/demons. To me they’re the classics. Anyway, I love that Marianne wastes no time getting right into the cursed witch thing. The first 4 episodes are almost perfect. I mean the town, its location and the tone of the colors, fills you with this weird existential dread. I love the filter they used, and the way Emma’s red cap stands out like in that old 70’s movie Don’t Look Now. The last episode went a little The Seventh Seal there for a second too, so this show definitely knows who to borrow from. Anyway, Emma and Camcam have a nice yin/yang vibe, and the horror… DAMN. This show’s witch is a full on nightmare. “There is nothing in that room but the cats and my teeth…” I’ll leave it at that.

Unfortunately for me the last episodes 5-8 sort of fizzled, although there are still some creepy moments. It became more of a Scooby Doo type thing, a French It. I liked some of the moments between the friends, especially Emma’s self delusions and Aurore’s conversation with Arnaud in the car (that was its own horror moment for Aurore I’m sure, but she kind of deserved it). The ending was fun, but those last episodes right before stretched it a little too much. Still, this is a really good show. Like I said, that witch is a nightmare, and the way it’s framed and edited, with the book chapters flipping around, is super fun.

The Mind of a Murderer

The Mind of a Murderer

  • 2015 crime
  • ID Discovery (2 seasons )

Hmmm… So this is my newest binge show, and I’ll go ahead and recommend it even though it’s typical ID with its cheesy reenactments/moral of the story conclusions (and MUST the host gal wear toddlers and tiaras style hair and makeup to interview murderers on death row? Really?) But anyway, despite all that it’s rare to find shows that focus on the interviews with the killers since there are all these jail restrictions.  It’s really something else to watch them try to explain what happened in their own words.  This show is like a softer version of Netflix’s I Am A Killer, and the poofy blond is a criminal psychologist so the show focuses on that aspect of the crime.  Pretty interesting so far, let me know what u think.