A small town like any other. Or is it?

by Irene Lepe

3Point is a strange place.  Isolated from other towns by miles and miles of sand and boulders with only one highway leading in or out, most people don’t realize that sometimes the sky doesn’t act normal out here.  Death doesn’t behave in 3Point either…

The Morales family have lived above The Gothic Emporium since the beginning of time.  They know what lies beneath 3Point, and know the rituals and sacrifices needed to feed it.

But the town has reached a turning point.  The Morales are not as powerful as they used to be.  A trendy cult known as the Wiley Movement has been taking over all the buildings on the edge of town, left abandoned since the freak earthquake years back.  The Wileys all have the same blank eyes and smiles on their faces…

The sky is acting stranger than ever, and the dead are too.  Only a Sun Festival with all its rituals can calm the sky and erase the dead.  But will it work this time?  Or will the thing under 3Point destroy the world?

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